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Over the course of the last ten years, New Century Language & Culture Center has grown from just a handful of teachers working with just over a dozen language learners to our current staff of over 20 language professionals assisting approximately 80 non-native speakers of Chinese to reach their language goals.

Our #1 goal at New Century is to prepare people to “communicate effectively” with the Chinese people. If you have clear goals of learning to be an effective communicator in the Chinese language we believe you will find New Century to be a great place to pursue your ambitions! We describe ourselves as a “community of individuals” to highlight two guiding principles in our approach to language learning: First, we emphasize that each learner is unique both in terms of their goals for learning Chinese as well as in how they approach language learning. Thus, we speak of “individuals” because we strive to help each learner achieve success in a way that is meaningful for them personally. Second, we believe in the power of “community,” recognizing that learning another language can be a daunting task if left alone in the process. While we rely heavily on the skills of our trained staff to assist learners in the classroom, we also believe learners need the support and insight of other fellow learners. Many students at New Century have described the “community feel” as a welcoming family atmosphere.

We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about our center and hope that you might choose to join the New Century community and discover for yourself the benefits that come from learning Chinese at what is reputed to be one of the best language learning programs in all of China.

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Jonathan & Claudia J.


We came to New Century with the illusion that we would be able to learn Chinese in 1 year. The teachers were gracious, very helpful and New Century also helped us organize a doctor to teach as medical language – and after 2.5 years at New Century we just about made it into a Chinese work unit. Now after working here for more then 5 years we use Chinese all day – our level being much higher with our medical language than with the ‘normal’ Chinese.

Marie M.


I went to my first day to New Century not being able to say a word in Chinese, being culturally very overwhelmed and with no real friends to share my life with. New Century gave me all of that, and even more. I had only studied there one year and was able to pass the HSK4 few points away from the maximum.I made life long friends, I fell in love with Chinese culture and have matured through this very rich and challenging experience of learning a new language and style of life. I am studying now to become a Chinese teacher myself and my goal is to be as patient, personal and dedicated as my friends who taught me in Tianjin.

Lindy D.


New Century is a great place to study Chinese, whether young or old, a novice or a long term learner. New Century teachers are able to personalize lessons to meet your needs and help you meet your goals. Teachers are well-trained in methods that really work with foreign students and are always encouraging as well as challenging. I would highly recommend Chinese study at New Century.