Self & Company Paying Study

1203526634Part-time learners living in Tianjin have two basic payment options:  self-payment or company sponsored payment.  Both types of learners schedule classes and are billed on a monthly basis.  Self-paying students will be assigned a date each month on which payment is due (this date will always coincide with a class day).  Company sponsored students can follow this same payment method, choosing to be reimbursed later by their company, or arrangement can be made for New Century to receive payment directly from their company.

Part-time learners taking classes in Tianjin have the option to take class on-campus at New Century or off-campus at their home or workplace.  Cancellation and rescheduling policies allow students to cancel or reschedule up to 25% of a month’s scheduled classes without penalty, as long as requests are made with at least 24 hours advance notice.  Canceled class hours will be credited to the following month, at which point they can be scheduled as hours already purchased.

Although most online learners live outside of Tianjin, self and company paying learners also have the option to take online classes.