Part-Time Scheduling

江南One of the advantages of part-time study is the flexibility that comes with monthly scheduling. When a part-time learner begins at New Century, the learner and New Century work together to create a schedule that will serve as the student’s standard monthly schedule (for example, class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:15-12:15). Once this standard schedule is established, the part-time student will then be ready to participate in the New Century monthly scheduling process.

Prior to the beginning of a new month, part-time students will receive a scheduling email from New Century which has their standard schedule for the next month displayed on a calendar (using the example from above, the calendar would display class on every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10:15-12:15). At this point the learner can cancel classes without limit (including taking the entire month off from class). Requests for scheduling additional classes or changing class times can also be made during this scheduling process (we are not able to guarantee the ability to meet 100% of these requests, but we will always try our best to do so).

Once a learner either confirms or corrects their schedule for the following month, the schedule is finalized and tuition fees for the month are calculated. After the finalization of that month’s schedule, the part-time student cancellation policies go into effect. These policies stipulate that up to 25% of scheduled classes can be cancelled or rescheduled without penalty, as long as requests are made with at least 24 hours advance notice. See Part-Time Policies for more details.

The New Century monthly scheduling system and accompanying cancellation policies allow for a great amount of flexibility for learners with fluid schedules.