Part-Time Student Policies

I. Standard Students
a. Scheduling
i. New Century will send out a monthly scheduling email before the
beginning of the next month. This email will contain a calendar based
upon a student’s normal learning schedule and can be confirmed or
revised. Schedule changes made during this scheduling process do not
count toward allowed cancellations (see below for allowed cancellations).
Schedule changes made during the scheduling process can be made
without limit and without penalty.
ii. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm or change their schedule during
the scheduling process. If the school is not notified otherwise, the next
month’s schedule will be set as presented in the scheduling email.
b. Payment
i. A student’s tuition will be calculated based upon their scheduled classes
and an invoice will be emailed after the scheduling process. A payment
due date will be specified with the invoice.
ii. For those taking classes off-campus, their fees will include payment for
that month’s classes and transportation fees calculated from the previous month.
iii. Payment can be made at the New Century office (for those on-campus) or
to one’s teacher (for those learning off-campus) on the specified due date.
A receipt will be provided upon payment.
iv. New Century can only accept payment in RMB or via bank wire transfer.
Contact Administration Office for details about wire transfers.
c. Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Refunds
i. New Century allows students to cancel up to 25% of scheduled classes
each month, provided that advance notice of at least 24 hours is given. If
canceled classes exceed 25% or we are notified less than 24 hours in
advance, such sessions will be charged one hour of tuition.
ii. Rescheduling a class from one time/date to another time/date is
considered a cancellation and counts toward the permitted cancellations
described above. [Rescheduling a class has a similar impact on the school’s
scheduling process as canceling a class.]
iii. Although cash refunds are not available, classes/hours that fall within the
parameters of the cancellation policy will be credited to the next month.
d. Group Class Distinctive Policies
i. A student’s tuition fees will be calculated based upon their group’s
scheduled classes and an invoice will be emailed after the scheduling
process. A payment due date will be specified with the invoice.
ii. For those taking classes off-campus, their fees will include pre-payment for
that month’s classes as well as transportation fees from the previous month.
iii. If one member of the group misses classes during the month, New
Century’s default approach is that the missing student will still be charged
tuition for the hours that the group class met. If the students agree among
themselves and inform New Century, it is also possible that the remaining
student(s) can be charged at a higher rate while the missing student is not
charged at all.
iv. If one student indicates during the scheduling process that they will miss
the entire next month of class, they will not be charged for that month. In
the case where only one student remains, they will then be contacted by
New Century and given the option of continuing with the classes- being
charged at the one-on-one tuition rate- or canceling classes for the month.

II. Online Students
a. Payment
i. Students taking online classes with New Century must pre-pay for a block
of at least 20 class hours.
ii. New Century can only accept payment in RMB or bank wire transfer. New
Century will quote a price to the student for the desired number of class
hours who then can use one of these methods to arrange for payment. [At
that time, New Century will provide additional instructions on how to
make a bank wire transfer.]
iii. In light of students outside China needing to pay with their home currency,
it may not be possible to pay the RMB amount with complete accuracy. In
cases where the student’s payment falls short or exceeds the amount
quoted, the New Century office will use a standardized formula to
calculate class hours and to keep track of any under or over-payment.
b. Credited Hours
i. When payment is received, New Century will notify the student and inform
them of hours credited (and any remaining balance). From this point on,
New Century will communicate with students in terms of hours, not in
terms of cash balance.
ii. Each month a balance of hours update will be sent to students. When
credited hours are soon to run out, New Century will contact a student to
re-initiate the payment process as described above.