Optional Study Activities

Chinese Table

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A language activity where students will have lunch together with our teachers and either the teacher will order food from a local Chinese restaurant or they will go to the restaurant.

Also, students have to speak Chinese the entire time with their teachers. Every time they have different topics to discuss to increase their vocabulary.

And most important of all, you get a delicious lunch!

Individual Talk

There is a optional class for full-time students that is called Individual Talk. It is a kind of an informal class for students to practice their speaking. In this class, the students have a chance to talk with local Chinese college students where they can practice pronunciation, learn grammar, or discuss some topics of Chinese life and societal problems. And also, the college students who they’re talking with will correct their mistakes, so it is a good way for students to know what their problems are when they’re talking with other Chinese.


照片-4There are many different lectures of Chinese history and culture, or even on the experience of living in China in every semester to help students to enjoy their lives here as much as possible.


Watch movies in Chinese together with other students and teachers.


Join teachers and other students to play badminton, billiards, table tennie, or kung fu together.

Tianjin Tours

Except for the school-wide trips, New Century also has some activities of visiting and getting to know Tianjin. We’ll visit some famous places with students, such as Ancient Culture Street, the Haihe River, and the Tianjin Museum, etc. The teachers will explain to them and organize some games for them when they’re visiting, so that they could practice Chinese more.


VillageVisitThere are around three school trips in New Century every year. One is a short distance trip in the spring semester which will take 2~3 days, another one is long distance which will take 5~7 days. During these times, students will visit some famous cities around China, and they will most likely travel by train or by bus. It is an excellent experience to learn Chinese and culture when you are traveling.

The third one is visiting the Great Wall and living in a farmhouse in the countryside. New Century will organize students to visit the Great Wall that is in Jixian County, close to Tianjin, and live in a local farmer’s house. We will go there by bus and we will visit a small village. You will also have a chance to ride a horse or play mahjong. On the second day, we will climb the Great Wall in the morning , and go back after lunch on the same day.