Intensive Scheduling

1568924558Intensive learners have the simplest and most flexible method for scheduling classes at New Century. Intensive learners simply need to contact us to inform us of their availability and study goals. We will then work with them to create a study plan that fits their schedule and goals.  Some important questions for an intensive learner to consider are:


1. When would my ideal class starting and ending dates be?

2. How many days per week would I like to take class?

3. How many hours per day would I like to take class?

4. Would I like to take part in language and culture activities  if they are available?

5. Would I like to meet daily with a language partner for tutoring and help?

6. Would I prefer to live in a dormitory or with a local Chinese family?

7. What are my language goals for this time of study?

8. Do I have any special areas of interest that I would impact my study plan?


We will be glad to help learners think through these questions, providing answers to questions that may arise.  These questions can be conveniently answered by filling out our enrollment form. Once we receive this information from you we will be well on our way to putting together a high-quality, custom designed study plan for intensive learning.