Intensive Student Policies

I. Scheduling & Payment

a.  Intensive learners simply need to contact us to inform us of their availability and study goals.  We will then work with them to create a study plan that fits their schedule and goals.

b.  Classes should be scheduled and a tuition deposit paid at least six weeks before an intensive student’s first day of class.  A late fee will apply to those who schedule or pay later than this.

c.  Payment for the remainder of a student’s tuition and other fees is due on the Friday of a student’s first week of class.

II. Cancellation & Rescheduling Policies

a.  Up to 25% of classes can be rescheduled before the end of your study time at New Century, subject to student giving at least 24 hours advance notice, and subject to teacher availability.  If notice is given with less than 24 hours advance notice, one class hour is charged and this cancellation also counts toward the 25% allowed cancellations.

b.  If a class is missed during the last week of your study time at New Century, it cannot be made up