Visa Requirements

getting visa tianjin new centuryStudent visas are only available for full-time learners.  Most part-time learners  are in China for reasons apart from study and have already attained an appropriate visa (usually a work visa or an accompanying spouse visa).  Due to the short-term nature of intensive study , intensive learners enter China and study on a tourist visa.

As an issuer of student visas in China, New Century is committed to handling this responsibility with integrity.  In light of this, there are certain minimum requirements that full-time students must meet to obtain and maintain a student visa.  Full-time students are required to take at least 80% of full-time hours over the period of their visa. Since “full-time hours” is defined as taking class five days per week during a regular semester, full-time students must take class at least four days per week (each day of class must consist of two hours of individual or pairs class, or three hours of group class).

Allowance is made for one spouse of a married couple to study for as little as 60% of part-time hours as long as the other spouse fulfills the standard requirement described above.  Please note that any full-time learner who chooses to study for less than 100% full-time hours will incur an administrative fee.  See full-time policies  for more details.