Full-Time Scheduling

mandarin chinese class scheduling new century tianjinFull-time learners at New Century schedule classes one semester at a time.  Each semester consists of 17 weeks of class, classes taking place each day from Monday to Friday.  New Century has two semesters each year with the spring semester generally running from late February to late June and the fall semester generally running from late August to late January.  Classes are also available during the winter and summer breaks.

Most full-time classes at New Century are individual (one teacher-one student) and are two hours long. Depending upon student interest, pairs (one teacher-two students) and group classes (one teacher-three to six students) can also be available.  Pairs class students can choose whether to meet for two or three hours and group classes meet for three hours.

Interested learners must complete and submit an application form  and an enrollment form .  On the enrollment form learners have the opportunity to specify their scheduling requests and preferences.  The standard enrollment period for the spring and fall semesters is December and June respectively, although enrollment forms may be turned in late (though a modest late fee may apply).

During the course of a semester, students are able to cancel and make-up a week of classes.  An additional week of class may be canceled and rescheduled if the request is made during the enrollment process. Special accommodation may be made for students with unique scheduling needs, though these needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  See full-time policies for more details.