chinese activities great wall new century tianjinNew Century believes that significant learning takes place outside of the classroom.  During the spring and fall semesters we offer weekly extra-curricular learning events, such as Chinese Table (teachers and students eating a meal together in a Chinese-only speaking context), language activity field trips, culture lectures, and travel to other parts of China.  These activities give learners hands-on language practice as they have the unique opportunity to interact with locals and see the world through their eyes.  These experiences also deliver invaluable culture learning and insight to students.

Some recent language activities include visiting a local martial arts school, helping local farmers harvest their crops, learning how to make Chinese food at a local cooking school, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how Chinese firefighters go about their work.  Recent culture lectures include topics such as the significance of tea in Chinese culture, the fundamentals of Chinese medicine (given by a local Chinese doctor), an overview of Chinese history, and advice on how to adapt to living in a foreign culture.  New Century travel has included a trip to the famous Shaolin Temple and the nearby Yellow River, a riverboat tour of the beautiful 3 Gorges region, an exploration of Confucius’ hometown and nearby Tai Mountain, and the annual overnight trip and hike on the Great Wall.

While these language and culture learning events are designed especially for our full-time students, part-time  and intensive students  also have the opportunity to participate on an a la carte basis.