Full-Time Study

Full-time learners study at New Century on a semesterly basis and do so on a student visa. Although most full-time students are in their twenties or thirties, we have also had students in their late teens and retirees study full-time at New Century. Language goals of full-time students are as varied as the students themselves. Most plan to live in China for a time and want to be proficient in the language of the people here. Full-time learners study for at least one semester and most study for 2-3 years.  Graduates of New Century’s full-time program have engaged in a broad range of activities inside and outside of China, including graduate studies, medical practice, business, teaching, and development projects.

Full-time learners are able to take full advantage of New Century’s holistic learning environment.  In addition to daily classes, students have access to daily language tutoring and can participate in a wide variety of language and culture activities. Added to this is the benefit of living in the near ideal language learning context of Tianjin, a great place to immerse oneself in the Chinese language and culture.

Explore further to learn more about the process of scheduling full-time classes, language and culture activities, and what is involved in applying for a student visa. If you would like to apply for full-time study, be sure to fill out our application and enrollment forms.


Full-time learners at New Century schedule classes one semester at a time.  Each semester consists of 17 weeks of class, classes taking place each day from Monday to Friday.  New Century has two semesters each year with the spring semester generally running from late February to late June and the fall semester generally running from late August to late January.  Classes are also available during the winter and summer breaks.

Most full-time classes at New Century are individual (one teacher-one student) and are two hours long. Depending upon student interest, pairs (one teacher-two students) and group classes (one teacher-three to six students) can also be available.  Pairs class students can choose whether to meet for two or three hours and group classes meet for three hours.

Interested learners must complete and submit an application form and an enrollment form.  On the enrollment form, learners have the opportunity to specify their scheduling requests and preferences.  The standard enrollment period for the spring and fall semesters is in December and June respectively, although enrollment forms may be turned in late (though a modest late fee may apply).

During the course of a semester, students are able to cancel and make-up a week of classes.  An additional week of class may be canceled and rescheduled if the request is made during the enrollment process. Special accommodation may be made for students with unique scheduling needs, though these needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  See full-time policies for more details.




Visa Requirement

Student visas are only available for full-time learners.  Most part-time learners are in China for reasons apart from study and have already attained an appropriate visa (usually a work visa or an accompanying spouse visa).  Due to the short-term nature of the intensive study, intensive learners enter China and study on a tourist visa.

As an issuer of student visas in China, New Century is committed to handling this responsibility with integrity.  In light of this, there are certain minimum requirements that full-time students must meet to obtain and maintain a student visa.  Full-time students are required to take at least 80% of full-time hours over the period of their visa. Since “full-time hours” is defined as taking class five days per week during a regular semester, full-time students must take the class at least four days per week (each day of class must consist of two hours of individual or pairs class, or three hours of group class).

The allowance is made for one spouse of a married couple to study for as little as 60% of part-time hours as long as the other spouse fulfills the standard requirement described above.  Please note that any full-time learner who chooses to study for less than 100% full-time hours will incur an administrative fee.  See full-time policies for more details.