Adults Courses

New Century offers a variety of study programs that provide the flexibility to meet the needs of almost any student.  Full-time learners study daily at New Century for a semester at a time.  Part-time learners schedule classes on a monthly basis and can have class at New Century, in the home, or at their workplace. Intensive learners come to New Century for a shorter period of time and coordinate with the New Century office staff to create a study program that fits their learning goals.

Full-time study is ideal for learners who have longer-term plans in the Chinese language and can devote themselves to study for a semester or more.  Full-time learners at New Century study on a student visa and are able to take full advantage of the complete New Century learning experience.

Part-time study is great for those already living or working in China who would like to increase their proficiency in their Chinese context.  Nothing improves the quality of life in China more than learning the language; learn to thrive instead of just survive!  Part-time study is also well suited for former full-time students who want to keep their language sharp or for students who want to get a head-start before studying full-time.  Through our online study program, learners can even take classes before their arrival in China to ensure that they hit the ground running.

Intensive study is perfect for learners who want to give a boost to their language skills in a short period of time. Intensive learners usually take classes for 3-4 hours per day and make rapid progress in an individual or small group class setting. Intensive study works great for university students who want to study over a break or for those in China who can’t fit studies into their normal schedule but can get away for several weeks of concentrated study.

Explore these programs further to see which is the right fit for you!