Online Courses – Kids & Teens

线上教学,免去奔波劳碌之苦 (意思是 父母不用带孩子去很多地方上课)






Staying at home, you can have exclusive American private education at home

Experienced and affable American native teachers taught children the courage to take the first step,

open their mouths to speak English

really start communicating in English

and then bid farewell to dumb English

so that English began to move from examination to application.

Thematic teaching, family, school, hobbies, vacations … close to the topic of students’ daily life, warm and grounded gas, let children in a relaxed atmosphere, like a friend chat, and the teacher to share the fun of life.

Wonderful human houses, mysterious future world, differences between urban and rural life… Humanities and social sciences all have fun, lead children to understand the world in English, absorb knowledge, learn English, and make English a real learning tool.

The theme repeats periodically, the difficulty rises spirally, and the time is fresh and new, allowing the child to experience the little bit of oral expression.