Summer camps in China

Native foreign teachers, selected camps, rich activities, and beautiful nature. Lead the children, get out of the classroom, invest in nature, hear English, and improve their ability.
The summer vacation is the time for children to renovate. We have carefully selected safe and comfortable campsites that are very entertaining. In nature, children can fly and get close to nature, and they can have a variety of activities and opportunities.

With foreign teachers, all day together, improve the English listening and speaking ability. Do not go abroad to create an English environment for children. Let children know that English is more than just a subject for examinations, but also a communication tool. Through the summer camp, they feel that I can understand what some foreigners said. I can talk to foreigners and increase my children’s confidence.
Summer camps can also improve children’s overall ability. Stay away from parents, live independently, adapt to the team, and learn to accept. In camps, children need to learn to be independent, they need to learn to make friends, they need to learn to communicate with teachers, they need to learn to work together and they need to learn how to be humble.

The improvement of these abilities will surely enable children to face life and love life more confidently in the future.