Shi Jia Da Yuan + TangGu Aquarium 石家大院

shijiadayuanMonday & Tuesday, April 20th~21st

This is the first travel opportuninty of the new semester,and this time we are going to two places.The first day we will go to “Shi Jia Da Yuan”which is the first mansion in North China. Now it serves as a folk custom museum in Yangliuqing, which has a large collection of folk art pieces like Yanliuqing New Year pictures and brick sculpture.The second day we will go to the Aquarium in Tang gu where you can enjoy the aquarium`s life.

We’ll meet at the school at 8:30am on April 20th and April 21 stand take a bus to Shi Jia Da Yuan and The Tang Gu Aquarium. And you can bring your own lunch.

If you want to join us, please sign your name on the post in the office by April 3rd. If you are unable to personally sign up,please email or call the office with your intentions.