Lecture: How to Use Wechat & Taobao

taobaowechatFriday, April 17th, 1:30~3:30pm, Classroom #2

Daniel Konold (大牛) has lived in Tianjin for over 5 years, teaching and coaching American sports to Chinese people. In the process he’s learned how to survive the many adjustments needed to really enjoy his time here in China. He recently started his own company, Culturalbility, helping foreigners better adapt to their lives here, among other things.

Two things that drastically changed his China lifestyle are Wechat & TaoBao. Do you know how to use them all to their full potential? In this lecture, Daniel will go over the basics of signing up for and the specifics of using these necessary tools. Bring your smartphones and questions and we will help you get started! Even if you already use these resources, you’re bound to learn something new.