Lecture: Driving in China


Friday, May 22, 2015 1:30~3:30pm Classroom #2

Dear Students,

Daniel Konold 大牛 has lived in Tianjin for over 5 years, teaching and coaching American sports to Chinese people. In the process he’s learned how to survive the many adjustments needed to really enjoy his time here in China. He recently started his own company, Culturalbility, helping foreigners better adapt to their lives here, among other things.

One thing that has helped him make the most out of life here is getting a Chinese Driver’s License. Can you imagine getting out of town for a weekend of camping, hiking, or BBQing with your friends? Road trip anyone?

In this lecture, Daniel will go over the basics of signing up for your license and the exact process you need to go through, including the confusing written exam. He will also explain the ease of renting a car. (**This is intended for people who can already drive and who already have a driver’s license from their home country.)

If you are interested in this activity, please sign up by May 20th.

Please note : This activity is free for everyone.