Travel: The Annual Great Wall Overnight

greatwallSaturday – Sunday, May 30-31, 2015

Dear Students,

Every year, New Century students have gone to the Jìxiàn portion of the Cháng Chéng – Tianjin’s own bit of Great Wall. We will stay in 农家院 nóngjiāyuàn farmers’ homes adapted for tourists overnight. They will provide 4 meals.

We’ll meet at the school Saturday, May 30th, and take a bus to Jìxiàn County (蓟县), arriving Tài Píng Zhài (太平寨) at about 12:00 ~ 1:00 pm, to check in and have lunch.

After lunch, we will either explore their village or a village on the other side of the Wall, or there may be some activities available (ATV ride, horseback riding). Then back to our farmhouse for dinner, games, and a good night’s sleep. Bring some games for Saturday night!

After breakfast on Sunday, we will hike the Wall from Tài Píng Zhài (太平寨) to the next town, Huáng YáGuān (黄崖关), arriving at about noon. Then we will go back to the famer,s house to have lunch and we will leave there at about 2:00pm.

If there is time, we can stop for a bit in the town of Jìxiàn and wander around or visit their famous and very ancient wooden temple.

If you are interested in this activity , please sign up by May 15th


Please note:The budget for each student to go to the Great Wall is 500RMB, and it includes one night’s accommodation, two lunches, one breakfast, one dinner, ticket, and transportation. If the expenses are less than we anticipated, you will receive a refund. If the expenses are more than we budgeted for, you will be asked to make up the difference after the activity. Thank you!