LongTaiTou Festival 二月二龙抬头

longtaitou1Longtaitou Festival is a traditional Chinese festival on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar. In 2015 on the public calendar, this day falls on March 22. The names literal translation is “The Dragon Raises Its Head Day”... In the traditional culture of China, the dragon was believed to be the king of all creatures and the ancestor of human beings. The dragon itself is also regarded as an important factor in ancient agriculture – it’s the creature in charge of rain.

According to the ancient folk legend, the second day of the second lunar month is the exact day for the dragon king, who is in charge of the clouds and the rains, to raise his head. After that day, there will be more and more rain, so that day is also called Spring Dragon Day (春龙节 chūn lóng jié) . Most Chinese northern farmers believe that with the help of that day, all stores, big and small, will be full of grain. Every year when this day comes, the northern people will perform dragon dance, eat spring pancakes and noodles, or have a haircut to enjoy such happiness.

So start to make spring pancakes and make a hair appointment today. Make sure that you are ready for Long Tai Tou!

longtaitouhair每年的农历二月初二是中国的传统节日—-龙抬头。龙抬头按字面直译就是“Dragon Raises Head Day”. 在中国传统文化中,龙被信奉为万物之王,人类的始祖。另外龙也被认作是古代农业文化的重要元素之一——掌管降雨之神。