Exotic Ways to Travel 异域风情的旅游

It’s the middle of winter, what better time to talk about travel!



[kruz ʃɪp] – yóu lún

Want to relive the epic Titanic journey as Jack and Rose? Maybe looking for a luxurious honeymoon voyage? A cruise ship would be your best bet. Mostly safe and largely expensive; the food and accommodations are amazing. Best places to take a cruise: Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, South China Sea, Alaska



[ˈhitʃˌhaɪk] – lán chē

Spend all your money shopping and eating? Not even enough left for a bus ticket? Give hitchhiking a try! Very dangerous, so best to travel with a strong buddy and carry a big stick. Also, have some cardboard and a sharpie for your sign. Also also, don’t tell your mother. Best places to go hitchhiking: U.S.A., South America, Europe, Southeast Asia



SAFARI – 野生动植物园
[sə’fɑri] – yě shēng dóng zhí wù yuán

Do you like exotic animals? Want to abandon your family and live with the giraffes? You must go on a safari~ Affordable and not too dangerous, because you are always with a local guide or driver. Lots of great photo opportunities, though. Please leave your hunting gear at home. Best places to go on safari: Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia



RV – 房车
[ɑrvi] – fáng chē

Want your own home but don’t want to be tied down to one location? Love to drive? Buying or renting a recreational vehicle (RV) would be a great choice! See the entire spectrum of a country by traveling its highways. Watch out for retirees on the road. And no picking up hitchhikers. Best places to travel by RV: U.S.A., Canada, Australia



[ˈbækˌpækiŋ] – bèi bāo yóu

Do you love being out in nature? Do you enjoy carrying everything you need with you on your back? Backpacking and camping are two of the most fulfilling ways to travel. Hardly any limitations except respecting your environment. Don’t go alone. Best places to go backpacking: China, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, U.S.A.



[‘kaɪ.ækiŋ] – pí huá tǐng

Like being on the water but despise the luxury of a cruise ship? Are you independent and like getting places on your own strength? Give kayaking a whirl! A different experience every time you try it and can be done all over the world. Lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls. Best places to go kayaking: the Great Lakes, the Caribbean Sea, the Mississippi River



[hɑt er bə’lun] – rè qì qiú

Want to see the world from a very different view? Love romance and looking for a way to spice things up with your partner? Take a sunset trip in a hot air balloon. Nothing stokes the flame more than a literal flame above your heads. You’ll never forget it. Best places to try a hot air balloon: Europe, New Zealand, U.S.A.



[‘perə.seɪlɪŋ] – fān sǎn

Near the ocean but don’t want to stay in the water? Want to see the coast from a different perspective? Hop in a speed boat and ask them to take you parasailing! Make sure you’re strapped in nice and tight. Don’t look down. Best places to go parasailing: Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Philippines, New Zealand, Qingdao



[‘kæm(ə)l ‘kerə.væn] – tuó yóu

Find yourself in a desert landscape? Tired from your long journey? Hail a camel caravan and hire a humpback to take you the rest of the way. Don’t be intimated by its size or spit distance. Live on the wild side. Maybe even give your camel a name. Best places to travel by camel: Middle East, North Africa, Mongolia, Dubai, India