“Wonderful, in a word. This experience has changed my life. You have piqued my interest in China in a way that I did not expect. I cannot stress how superb this was.”



“Here in Xining I have heard it observed more than once: “If you come from New Century in faraway Tianjin, we have no worries about your ability to communicate in Chinese. It’s true across the board…you must have received top-notch language instruction.” “What I liked about New Century was the Western teaching methods, more gradual introduction to characters than most other Chinese language schools, and language instruction tailored to the individual. Teaching was done by competent, patient, and enthusiastic Chinese instructors. Opportunities to learn more about China’s rich culture and history were invaluable. Not to forget the warm atmosphere – somewhat of a home away from home! Yet the administration was nonetheless constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the quality of its instruction. “Whether you are younger, older, gifted in language learning or not – I recommend New Century for best results!”



“I do not use ‘excellent’ lightly. I found my teacher to be excellent in every respect.”



“New Century provided the perfect amount of flexibility, expertise, and professionalism. The faculty is excellent, and was able to customize a curriculum to fit my specific language learning needs. Classes are available on a one on one basis or as part of a group and the content of the course can be tailored to each student’s personal goals. I cannot recommend New Century more”


United Kingdom

“From start to finish- fantastic experience.  The teachers were magnificent and I had full confidence that should any problems arise the administrative staff would solve them immediately.”