Teachers & Staff

mandarin teachers teaching chinese new century tianjinThe heart of New Century is our teaching staff.  All of our teachers are university graduates and most majored in Teaching Chinese to Foreigners or some other related major.  During the teacher selection process our China Director (who has over twenty years of experience teaching Chinese to foreigners in China and the U.S.) evaluates their communication skills, knowledge of the language, and purity of accent. All teachers also receive additional training in teaching methods that suit western learners. Teachers are evaluated each semester in order to steadily monitor and improve the quality of teaching.

Innovation and teacher training are high priorities at New Century. As a part of this, weekly class preparation meetings give teachers regular opportunities to share effective teaching methods and materials. New Century teachers also often participate in summer overseas teaching programs. One of these programs is the renowned Middlebury College (USA) summer intensive Chinese language program. Participation in programs like this by our China Director and teachers keep New Century connected to the latest innovations and most effective methods for teaching Chinese to foreigners.

All of this training and preparation leads to a high quality learning experience for students. New Century teachers are known for their energy and patience, their ability to craft lessons that meet the needs of individual students, their skill at helping students improve their speaking and listening skills (with an emphasis on pronunciation and tones), and their ability to create a learning environment that is at the same time both encouraging and challenging. New Century teachers help us to fulfill our commitment to excellent teaching, providing a curriculum that is appropriate for western learners, and creating a holistic environment that cultivates a community of learners while still embracing the uniqueness of each individual.