Our Distinctives

Distinctive Mandarin Chinese Study in TianjinThere are a lot of choices for language schools in China.

What makes New Century stand out?

In four words: results, quality, adaptability, and environment

Results: New Century has a proven track record of producing students who are able to communicate effectively in the Chinese language. Hundreds of students from over 20 different countries have been prepared at New Century before going on to engage effectively in a broad range of fields both inside and outside of China.

Quality: New Century teachers are selected and trained with great care. Unlike most Chinese universities and institutes, we have tailored teaching methods and curricula for western learners. Part of what this means is that more support and encouragement is given on aspects like tones and Chinese characters. The focus is not on passing an exam, but rather on communicating well in Chinese and understanding the culture. One-on-one or small group classes also maximize practice time and allow students to make rapid progress.

Adaptability: Most classes are one-on-one classes and this affords maximum flexibility for lessons to be adapted to a student’s goals and learning style. New Century also offers a variety of different programs to suit the needs of almost any student: from the learner who wants to devote a semester or more to full-time study to the business person who can only study once per week to the college student who would like boost their language learning with several weeks of intensive study, we are flexible enough to meet all of these needs.

Environment: In addition to classroom learning, a variety of language and culture learning activities and experiences help to create an atmosphere of multi-faceted and continual learning. We believe in the power of community, recognizing that learning another language can be a daunting task if left alone in the process. In addition to the care of teachers and staff, We believe that learners need the support of other learners. Many students at New Century have described the community feel as a welcoming family atmosphere. This ability to balance adaptability and community is what makes New Century a community of individuals.

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