Travel: Visiting the Agape Foster Home


November 20th, approximately 8:00-1:00pm

Dear Students,

This time we will go to visit a foster home for orphans with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) in Langfang, Hebei Province. These children have brittle bones so they can easily break their bones. They have come from orphanages all over the country to this foster home because it has become a nationally recognized center for helping children with OI. When we go to the foster home, we will have a chance to learn more about the background of the foster home and the children, interact with the children and their caregivers, play games with the children, and tour the foster home. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about these precious children. (We will come back to school at about 1:00pm, so you can take some snacks to eat when you feel hungry.)

Please note: This activity replaces one hour of class time. Students with morning classes can re-schedule one hour of class time. Students with afternoon classes can attend one hour of class that day. Activities are free for student visa holders; all others: cost is 100RMB.

Lecture: How to Adapt to Living in China and Studying Chinese

November 14th, 2:00-4:30pm

Dbethlecturer. Beth Griswold will share her story about working with people with special needs in China. She will give a description of the current situation of people with special needs in China, orphanages, foster homes, therapy centers, and special education centers. She started working in China and studying Chinese in 2008. She now works as a physical therapist at the Tianjin Orthopedic Hospital, Tianjin Orphanage, Tianjin Disabled Persons Federation Cerebral Palsy Clinic, Lang Fang Orthopedic Hospital, and Agape Foster Home.

If you are interested in visiting Agape Foster Home on November 20th, this lecture will help you understand the background of the foster home and the children who live there. This activity is free for everyone! If you are interested in this activity , please sign up before November 14th.

2015 Wheaton in Tianjin

Coming Soon

2015 UCONN in Tianjin

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2015 April Update

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 下午5.19.32

Here’s the latest news from New Century! Feel free to read up on our recent happenings and send us a comment. We want to hear from you!

Download PDF – 2015 April Update

Lecture: Driving in China


Friday, May 22, 2015 1:30~3:30pm Classroom #2

Dear Students,

Daniel Konold 大牛 has lived in Tianjin for over 5 years, teaching and coaching American sports to Chinese people. In the process he’s learned how to survive the many adjustments needed to really enjoy his time here in China. He recently started his own company, Culturalbility, helping foreigners better adapt to their lives here, among other things.

One thing that has helped him make the most out of life here is getting a Chinese Driver’s License. Can you imagine getting out of town for a weekend of camping, hiking, or BBQing with your friends? Road trip anyone?

In this lecture, Daniel will go over the basics of signing up for your license and the exact process you need to go through, including the confusing written exam. He will also explain the ease of renting a car. (**This is intended for people who can already drive and who already have a driver’s license from their home country.)

If you are interested in this activity, please sign up by May 20th.

Please note : This activity is free for everyone.


Travel: The Annual Great Wall Overnight

greatwallSaturday – Sunday, May 30-31, 2015

Dear Students,

Every year, New Century students have gone to the Jìxiàn portion of the Cháng Chéng – Tianjin’s own bit of Great Wall. We will stay in 农家院 nóngjiāyuàn farmers’ homes adapted for tourists overnight. They will provide 4 meals.

We’ll meet at the school Saturday, May 30th, and take a bus to Jìxiàn County (蓟县), arriving Tài Píng Zhài (太平寨) at about 12:00 ~ 1:00 pm, to check in and have lunch.

After lunch, we will either explore their village or a village on the other side of the Wall, or there may be some activities available (ATV ride, horseback riding). Then back to our farmhouse for dinner, games, and a good night’s sleep. Bring some games for Saturday night!

After breakfast on Sunday, we will hike the Wall from Tài Píng Zhài (太平寨) to the next town, Huáng YáGuān (黄崖关), arriving at about noon. Then we will go back to the famer,s house to have lunch and we will leave there at about 2:00pm.

If there is time, we can stop for a bit in the town of Jìxiàn and wander around or visit their famous and very ancient wooden temple.

If you are interested in this activity , please sign up by May 15th


Please note:The budget for each student to go to the Great Wall is 500RMB, and it includes one night’s accommodation, two lunches, one breakfast, one dinner, ticket, and transportation. If the expenses are less than we anticipated, you will receive a refund. If the expenses are more than we budgeted for, you will be asked to make up the difference after the activity. Thank you!

Tianjin Tour: Binhu Park

binhuparkMay 15th, 1:00-3:00pm, Bin Hu Park

Dear Students,

On Friday afternoon, May 15th, we will go to Bin Hu Park to relax and practice speaking Chinese.

Bin Hu Park is a place where children and parents can have a good time. It is also a beautiful place where friends can chat and enjoy themselves. This activity can provide you an opportunity to practice your Chinese and learn more about life in China at the same time.

If you are interested in this activity , please sign up by May 8th

Note: this event is free for everyone!

Movie: Mulan 2《花木兰2》

mulan2May 8th, 12:30~3:00pm, Classroom #2

On Friday May 8th, we are going to watch the sequel to the classic Disney movie Mulan in Chinese together at school. If you want to join us, please sign your name in the office.

Please sign up by May 7th. If you are unable to personally sign up, please email or call the office with your intentions.

Idiom: 滥竽充数

làn yú chōng shù

“to be included in a group just to fill a vacancy; to pretend to be an expert”

lanyuchongshu2During the Warring States Period (475-221BC), the King of the State of Qi was very fond of listening to “yu” ensembles. He often got together 300 yu players to form a grand orchestra. The king treated his musicians very well. A man named Nanguo heard about that and he managed to become a member of the band, even though he could not play the instrument at all. Whenever the band played for the king, Nanguo just stood in the line and pretended to play. Nobody realized he wasn’t making any sound at all. As a result, he enjoyed his treatment just as the other musician did.

When the king died, his son, the new ruler, also loved the yu’s music. However, he preferred solos. He ordered all the musicians to play the yu one by one. Therefore, Nanguo had to run out of the palace.

The idiom “làn yú chōng shù” is used to mock someone who passes for a specialist in something. You can also hear people saying it about themselves to show their modesty.



滥竽充数这个成语用来嘲笑那些没有真正才干,混在行家里的人。 人们有时也用滥竽充数来表示自谦。