Study Abroad With Us

IMG_1795At New Century, we welcome foreign universities from around the world to bring their study abroad program to China. For short-term intensive programs, from one week to two months, we can provide dedicated teachers to really help bring your students to the next level in their Mandarin-speaking skills. We can also assist with travel and accommodations in Tianjin.

Give your students a chance of a lifetime! Bring them to China and give them an immersive environment to put in to practice everything that they’ve learned in the classroom…

Here are some photos from recent study abroad programs:

2015 Wheaton University
2015 UCONN
2016 MIT
2016 UCONN
2016 Union University

For more specific info and contract details, please send us an email at office [at] with “study abroad” in the subject line… Also, please include at minimum the name of your school and how many students you’re planning to bring.