Distinctive Mandarin Chinese Study in TianjinWhen considering overseas study, one of the most daunting aspects for learners can be the issue of accommodation.  New Century is committed to making this a smooth process for students and we even give students the opportunity to make their accommodation part of the intensive learning experience!

When studying at New Century intensive students are given two basic accommodation options:  staying in a dormitory or staying with a host-family.  The New Century dormitory is about a 10 minute walk from the school and is staffed 24 hours per day.  The “dorm moms” do their best to take of the students and often provide a good opportunity for language practice.  In addition to being near to the school, the dorm is also a short walk from many other convenient destinations.  The dormitory provides a safe, clean, and quiet environment for students to retire to after a long day of learning.

Students looking to immerse themselves further into the local culture can choose to stay with a local host-family.  New Century chooses host families with a personal connection to staff at the school and we also walk the family through expectations for a host family.  In addition to providing a comfortable, safe place for students to live, host families also provide many meals to students and do their best to make the home a good language learning environment.  Home-stay accommodation can usually be arranged for up to one month.

Contact us to work through the details of accommodation and other aspects of intensive study!