Full-Time Study

full time mandarin chinese student new century tianjinFull-time learners study at New Century on a semesterly basis and do so on a student visa. Although most full-time students are in their twenties or thirties, we have also had students in their late teens and retirees study full-time at New Century. Language goals of full-time students are as varied as the students themselves. Most plan to live in China for a time and want to be proficient in the language of the people here. Full-time learners study for at least one semester and most study for 2-3 years.  Graduates of New Century’s full-time program have engaged in a broad range of activities inside and outside of China, including graduate studies, medical practice, business, teaching, and development projects.

Full-time learners are able to take full advantage of New Century’s holistic learning environment.  In addition to daily classes, students have access to daily language tutoring and can participate in a wide variety of language and culture activities. Added to this is the benefit of living in the near ideal language learning context ofTianjin, a great place to immerse oneself in the Chinese language and culture.

Explore further to learn more about the process of scheduling full-time classes, language and culture activities, and what is involved in applying for a student visa. If you would like to apply for full-time study, be sure to fill out our application and enrollment forms.